Friday, April 07, 2006

International Freakshow

Last night started off by checking out the Serge Gainsbourg cover bands at Hiro. I mostly just went to do something different and because I was curious to see Melody Nelson sing. She seemed a little nervous, but she pulled it off quite well and it was fun to watch her dance around with a tambourine. We left and headed down to The All England Club to hear Chip and Miguel play some awesome remixes like Shy Child's Futureheads remix and Placebo's Freelance Hellraiser remix. It was totally packed. They're really getting it together with Ben Sherman sponsorships and free beer and whatnot. It's a really good time.
Next I headed over to Eastside Co. which is a pretty cool bar on Essex and Grand that I'd never been to before. My friend Kristian was dj-ing with his friend Wes. They could get away with murder and were trying to so it was pretty amusing. They tried to fuck each other up, going song for song with stuff that's pretty impossible to follow. Like... old skool hip hop into Johnny Cash into Belle and Sebastian into the Stranglers WHAT?! It was really fun. And they have delicious fresh mojitos which are a favorite of mine. After they packed up their records we headed over to La Caverna . I had only been there once before, and had walked out. That place is a freakshow and I really don't get what they are going for in there. Last night was apparently some Japanese/Brazillian international pop night with Gogo dancers. In a cave. Some dude who I had seen earlier in the day in the most ramshackle over the top who the fuck do you think you are hipster stonewashed jean suit with shiny white patent leather shoes and asymmetrical weird ass half shaved haircut was there. I was like oh, that's where these kids go. NICE. Bjork, Mathew Barney and Kyp from TV On The Radio were there. I couldn't stop staring at the gogo dancers humping the stalagtites along with the odd japanese soft porn they were projecting and couldn't help wondering what the fuck I was doing there. But, it was awesome to hang out with friends I haven't seen in a while, drink a little too much and just be generally confused in an inoffensive way. Sometimes the city surprises you.

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